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Target K-Flex One Piece No2 Flights - Clear

Target K-Flex One Piece No2 Flights - Clear

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Introducing the No.2 shaped K-Flex by Target Darts, a revolutionary integrated flight and shaft system seamlessly fused for durability and precision. Engineered for superior performance, K-Flex features a patented lightweight integrated flight and shaft system that guarantees a more consistent throw, compatible with most steel tip and soft tip dart barrels.

The specially designed shaft section moves upon impact, minimizing bounce-outs and ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience. Crafted with precision moulding, Target Darts' integrated stem and flight system delivers a high-performance, extremely durable, and flexible all-in-one flight and shaft, with a universal 2BA thread, ensuring maximum dart compatibility.

Emphasizing unparalleled precision, K-Flex showcases a unique 90-degree accuracy maintained throughout gameplay, thanks to our advanced injection moulding process. This exceptional feature ensures that the flights are perfectly aligned right out of the box and retain their ideal angle during every throw. With K-Flex, players can rely on a consistent 90-degree precision, enhancing accuracy and giving them a competitive edge in every dart match.

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